catherine ross

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, video
continuous loop, 2006.

Trilling scrolls right to left across the screen, recombining footage from the early 80s television program "Three's Company" into a sequence of traveling gestural loops. Trilling is about physical humor. It emerged out of a curiosity about my childhood obsession with the well-known sitcom "Three's Company". The show was written for adults, but through the actor’s performances it conveyed a humor that enabled anyone (including children) to laugh out loud. The physical comedy became the vehicle for the narrative, expressing the humor of the show in a way that words could not. Unlike verbal comedy, which needs time to register and be translated before we recognize its wit, physical humor is immediate; awkward bodily movement can trigger an uncontrollable hysterical response.

By excerpting and reformatting physical gestures from the actors in the show, I constructed a new narrative in collaboration with Trumpeter Taylor Haskins. Haskins composed the music spontaneously, creating a unique improvised response to each clip that fold together into a unified whole.

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